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Catering services for international and domestic conferences are available. A wide variety of menu, cutting-edge kitchen facilities, which is decent enough to cater of more than 3,000 people, and our in-house catering experts ensure you experience a high level of quality food and service throughout the whole events. Opening records of major banquet events.

  • ICC JEJU offers customized catering service to clients for their successful events. ** For further consultation, please call the F&B Department (TEL : +82-(0)64-735-1055 Manager G J Oh)
  • Clients are not allowed to sell food in and out of ICC JEJU.
  • Organizer's may offer food and beverage to participants only after consulting with ICC JEJU and approved by ICC JEJU. External catering service is prohibited.

ICC JEJU Banquet Menu and Price

(unit: KRW, VAT exclusive)

Category Menu Price Price
Western Course Menu W/SM-(A)~(E) 50,000 ~90,000 minimum 50 pax
Fusion Course Menu F/SM-(A)~(E) 50,000 ~90,000 "
Vegetarian Course Menu V/SM-(A)~(C) 50,000~70,000 "
International Buffet JBUF-(A)~(E) 30,000~70,000 minimum 100 pax
Standing Buffet S/BUF-(A)~(C)S/BUF-(A)~(C) 30,000~50,000 "
Cocktail Reception Menu Cockktail M-(A)~(D) 30,000~60,000 "
Wedding Buffet Menu Wedding Buffet starting from 30,000 "
Korean Course Menu K/SM-(A)~(E) 50,000~90,000 minimum 50 pax
Lunch Box K/BOX-(A)~(B)
30,000~40,000 "
Japanese Lunch Box J/BOX-(A)~(B) 40,000~50,000 "
Korean Lunch Menu Bulgogi and Fried Squid and Vegetables 17,000 minimum 100 pax
Bibimbap+Pork Bulgogi 17,000 "
Ox bone soup+Chilled Jellyfish Salad 17,000 "
Sea Urchin Seaweed Grilled Mackerel 17,000 "
Cabbage and Shank Bone Soup+Pork Bulgogi 17,000 "
Western Lunch Menu Fried Pork Cutlet Buffet 17,000 "
Pasta Buffet 17,000 "
Sandwich Buffet 17,000 "
Hamburger Steak Buffet 17,000 "
Japanese Lunch Box Coffee Break-(A)~(H) 40,000~50,000 minimum 50 pax
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